Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pictures say a 1000 words

You know, I mentioned in my introduction post that I'm appalled at the way the governments of the world are behaving today.  IraHell is supposedly part of the United Nations, but only if the UN is saying and doing what IsraHell agrees with.  As soon as the UN says "Hey boys and girls, listen up, you're getting out of hand" what does IsraHell do?  It says "Screw you, we're above you and don't have to listen to what you say.  This is our world and we're going to run it any way that we want to and there's nothing you can do about it!".

These pictures I have here are just a very small few of those I've found so far on the net of the Horrors and Atrocities happening in Gaza right now at the hands of the IsraHellites.  Canada supports this behaviour, the US supports what the IsraHellites are doing, do you?  I sure as hell don't!  IsraHell says that Gaza doesn't need any humanitarian aide, IsraHell has stopped aide from getting into Gaza, IsraHell has put Palestine under siege.

IsraHell is wrong.

IsraHell needs to be stopped.

Palestine needs all the help it can get.

I had found a french site which I had saved to bookmarks and also had copied the words from the page and pasted them in a word document.  I've since copied the words and pasted them here.  I don't know who wrote it, but I used Google to translate it.  The pictures that had accompanied this little note are something else.  I've since been able to find some of the pictures, but no where near all.  I truly wish I had copied and saved each and every one of those pictures as the page has now disappeared from the internet.  The site is still there, but all links I keep getting to find the page of pictures comes up with a 404 URL not found.


Ces jeunes israéliens regardent avec curiosité et humour les bombardements de l'armée israélienne . On regarde à la jumelle , on rit , on s'appelle pour décrire le moment , mais ce n'est pas pour décrire les festivités du jour de l'an ... C'est pour profiter du moment d'extermination de la population palestinienne !


After the massacre of Qana in 2006, THE MASSACRE OF REMOTE BRAVE CHILDREN 2008/JANVIER GAZA DECEMBER 2009 

These young Israelis look with curiosity and humor bombing of the Israeli army. We look at the matches, you laugh, it is to describe the moment, but this is not to describe the celebration of New Year's Day ... It is time to take advantage of the extermination of the Palestinian people!


Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to find the picture mentioned in the above quote again.  The young men in the pic's weren't just looking on with curiosity and humor, they appeared to be outright laughing.  I can't imagine being able to laugh at such undeserved and unprovoked destruction.

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