Monday, January 26, 2009

How well do you know the map of the Middle East?

A friend sent me this link via e-mail.  I went to it, and found that even though I'm reading a lot about these countries, I didn't really know where it was that they were in location to each other.  So, I'm challenging you to go to Rethinking Schools and take the test.  Yep, I've taken it over and over again.  You don't get a score, you aren't timed, all info is strictly for yourself.  I just find it a good way to learn a little more geography.  I hope it helps you to learn a little more as well! :)


  1. Miss! Miss! I've finished first! Do I get a star?

    It was those West African states and all the 'stans that had me stumped. Oh, and Qatar! I couldn't even see it, ha ha. That's a country? Why?

    Also when I was a kid we went through the Suez and stopped in this country called Djibouti. Only for a day. So there I was on your map, all revved up looking for Djibouti and it wasn't there! Boo!

  2. LOL Nobody, sure you get a gold star! :D

    As for Qatar, you couldn't see it, could you play it? *winky smiley thing*

    By the way, Qatar's right beside Bahrain. If you right click the map and enlarge it, you can see two islands off the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf.

    Thus endeth today's lesson.

  3. hey skye:
    neat and I am off to give it whirl.

  4. Hiya Penny, I hope you do better than Nobody *huge grin*

  5. hey skye

    I didn't do to badly, but I had bahrain left over.

    oh well,

    Of course, I could have done better

    But hey, I console myself with this thought, I likely did a hell of a lot better then the general population!

  6. I bet you did better than I did the first time around Penny! I think I had actually known where about 5 of the countries were on my first try. I've done it often enough now that I can get them all right! Now to be able to do it on a map that doesn't auto correct me hehehe


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