Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Quite a while back I had said to a few people that I would put in a post about my flower beds. Finally I have some pics of new flowers that I can indeed post! These flowers are just a few of what will be in bloom in the next few months, but are all that are or have bloomed so far this spring in my flower bed close to my house. I have a couple other beds that are showing signs of growth, but no blooms yet, I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of flowers over my whole yard!

Without any further delay's, I give you the few flowers that I have!

First are the Tulips, they're all done now, but being the first harbingers of spring flowers, they're always a welcome sight!

Once the Tulips are all said and done, the smaller of the Irises start. This batch is planted in my basement window box right beside the Tulips and are always the first of the Irises to bloom, soon will come some burgandy colored ones and then later in summer I'll have some white and perhaps yellow Irises to show you!

Then there are the Bleeding Hearts. I love the way these look! Theoretically they should have blooms well into summer, I'm not sure if they will or not, I just planted this bush last year. Here's hoping for a lot of lovely heart shaped flowers!

Last but certainly not least, the Colombine. No they haven't bloomed yet, and I'm not sure how long it will take for them to open, but they have some nice buds on them! These too I only acquired last year, so I'm not even sure what color they are, doesn't really matter, I'm sure they'll be quite pretty :)

I've never claimed to be any good at photography, and well, you can tell by these pictures, can't ya!?! In my defense, it was such a nice sunny day when I took these pics that I couldn't see the display on the camera, so I had no idea what it was that I was taking pictures of. All I knew for sure was that the flowers I wanted is where I had the camera

Monday, May 18, 2009

Change is the only consistent

To grow, to broaden perspectives, is a process. It is a slow, tedious journey that one must take one step at a time. It entails time, tools, and persistence. It is life itself. It is understanding. The process begins in the guise of curiosity for the unknown and the need to know. To contemplate in our own mind what knowledge our curiosity dredges up out of life and to make decisions within the scope of our own perspectives. With time and patience will come understanding of what we are looking for, what we need for our own heart and mind. We will grow and become more aware of our perspectives and how we can broaden them. To obtain knowledge of life and ourselves is to be able to realize goals in order to prolong and broaden understanding and ultimately broaden our perspectives.

Awareness is the awakening of the need for change, the want for growth. Awareness comes with searching and not settling upon answers as the truth. 

Realization is the first step. To realize a need or want for change is the door that opens up to the nothingness that faces us all, the blank slate, and the white piece of paper.

Decision is the next step. To make the choice to step out into an abyss and to fall. Decisions about truth, perspectives are most times not easy and remember, no one is forced to make them. To find yourself faced with decision is to find yourself faced with change. To realize that change is the only consistent truth is to broaden your perspectives.

Understanding is seeing that truth is change that it exists only within the realms of perspective; that what we become aware of is our perspectives, our limited fields of vision themselves.

Persistence drives us onward through our lives and leads us to learning, accepting the unknown with the purpose of knowing and using that knowledge for the purpose of learning.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do Not Live By Boundaries, Do Not Lose Boundaries, But By All Means, Change Them

Bringing back personal boundaries is many times a difficult thing to do. Simply realizing that the boundary exists at all is many times the first step. Realizing boundaries, is similar to a newborn baby who reaches for air, trying to reach for something that no one else sees. The baby must realize the boundary of its own body and so it is, as we get older. With every boundary broken we are that newborn baby reaching for air. Find your boundaries for yourself but do not let yourself go completely. Remember: discipline. Take your own advice; listen to your words, your heart and your mind. Speak and listen. Know that you have the power to decide what your boundaries will be. Give yourself confidence by redefining your thoughts, your boundaries and you will grow in so many ways.

The boundaries that we find are the boundaries that define who we are. Define your self by your own boundaries, but always keep them malleable. Do not become that which defines you, but define the boundaries that you yourself choose. There are always those that try to set your boundaries by their definitions, but these are fools who have not defined their own boundaries. Watch your boundaries change as you learn. Use your boundaries to understand the world around you, but most importantly yourself.