Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Quite a while back I had said to a few people that I would put in a post about my flower beds. Finally I have some pics of new flowers that I can indeed post! These flowers are just a few of what will be in bloom in the next few months, but are all that are or have bloomed so far this spring in my flower bed close to my house. I have a couple other beds that are showing signs of growth, but no blooms yet, I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of flowers over my whole yard!

Without any further delay's, I give you the few flowers that I have!

First are the Tulips, they're all done now, but being the first harbingers of spring flowers, they're always a welcome sight!

Once the Tulips are all said and done, the smaller of the Irises start. This batch is planted in my basement window box right beside the Tulips and are always the first of the Irises to bloom, soon will come some burgandy colored ones and then later in summer I'll have some white and perhaps yellow Irises to show you!

Then there are the Bleeding Hearts. I love the way these look! Theoretically they should have blooms well into summer, I'm not sure if they will or not, I just planted this bush last year. Here's hoping for a lot of lovely heart shaped flowers!

Last but certainly not least, the Colombine. No they haven't bloomed yet, and I'm not sure how long it will take for them to open, but they have some nice buds on them! These too I only acquired last year, so I'm not even sure what color they are, doesn't really matter, I'm sure they'll be quite pretty :)

I've never claimed to be any good at photography, and well, you can tell by these pictures, can't ya!?! In my defense, it was such a nice sunny day when I took these pics that I couldn't see the display on the camera, so I had no idea what it was that I was taking pictures of. All I knew for sure was that the flowers I wanted is where I had the camera


  1. Cheers Skye. There all coming up lovely there by the look of it! we have the Bleeding Hearts, they are a really nice colour I think. The Mrs. here is the gardener and doesn't let me mess about with anything too much as she has the garden all planned out and can do without my interferin' though she does a proper job! I hope your garden gets to be covered in lots of lovely flowers. Flowers are always so encouraging after such a long winter. Nice one Skye and cheers for letting us see these.

  2. Oh, there will be lots more John! They'll just be a few weeks yet is all. The Anemone's in the flower bed to the north of the house are getting buds now so will be blooming soon, and the Lily of the Valley are just starting to come up. It's all just a matter of time, but soon the yard will be full of blooms :)

  3. Two of my favourites, coulumbine and bleeding hearts, love'm and have neither one of them in my garden, used to but, I don't know what happened.

    when I was younger, I went to my great grandmas and she loved flowers, she had bleeding hearts, I loved them so much, I picked every single flower off of her entire plant, and was so pleased to give them all to her.

    She took them, I don't think she was too happy that I had done that, but I was quite small 3 or 4 and she told me thanks but next time leave them on the plant.
    so I did.
    They always make me think of her, and I loved her dearly.

    She made wonderful gingerbread men, large size, and individuals for each of us.
    Wrapped in tissue in a box at christmas.

    ahhhh, good memories.
    and good cookies!

  4. Those are 2 of my fav's as well Penny :)

    I'm glad this post brought up such good memories for you, the gingerbread sounds wonderful!

  5. I love gingerbread cookies, a lot of people dislike them, I am never quite sure why.

    Something about the taste?
    Could be the molasses?
    I find them simply delicious and I enjoyed your garden pics too.
    Funny how one thing will trigger a memory of something else....

  6. I love gingerbread too Penny, although I've never been able to make good ones. Granted I haven't tried since I was a kid, so perhaps it's time to pull out the ole recipe book again! As for different things drawing up memories, yeah, sometimes all it takes is a word and a whole other life comes back to a person, or so it seems :)

  7. bleeding hearts - all of you!!


    Keep us updated Skye - nice to see a fellow gardener's work!!

    My own is so far behind this year, even the peonies haven't bloomed yet. Are you behind too?

  8. My peonies aren't even showing any buds yet Buffy, and yes, my garden seems to be behind as well! The Ferns in the North garden are up and looking good now though and the Lily of the Valley in the same garden are showing signs of buds, well one is any way. Also my Anemonies are just starting to open. Granted all these that I've got in my north garden were all planted last year so I really don't have a clue as to whether they are later or not. It's all good though, they look nice and that's all that matters.

    I think tomorrow I'll take pics of the new blooms now that I have a day off :)


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