Saturday, June 13, 2009

More flower pics for those that enjoy them :)

First up, we have the Columbine that were only budding in the last post, now they're in full bloom and down-right beautiful if you ask me! I love the color, too bad the pic doesn't do them justice.

Here we now have the garden on the north side (front) of my house. As you can see the Lily-of-the-Valley are budding and will be blooming soon. Eventually we'll see just how much I'll regret planting them as I am mildly allergic to them...oops, oh

Now for one of my Ferns. I have a couple more, but this one is the nicer looking of them. I know they don't bloom, but they do round out the flowerbed quite nicely.

Last but not least, we have my Anemonies. These have such pretty delicate white bell flowers, I can't wait till they all start to bloom, right now only the one bud has opened though!

Oh yes, can't forget this pic with the beautiful silky red Lily's in the background. Too bad these won't be blooming till late summer early fall, they are the cream of the crop for this bed of flowers I have to admit! :)


  1. Cheers Skye. I enjoy the flowers. The Columbines are looking lovely, we have had some too though ours are much darker for some reason. The Anenomes are beautiful flowers I think. Our garden is fairly rampant now but is also slug central, so the maid is out there gardening at night doing her slug patrol with a torch. There is not much mercy for the slugs and snails even though we both agree that the little dodmen are beautiful in their own way.

    Thanks for letting us have a look Skye.

  2. You're most welcome John, and not to worry, there are still tons of Lily's, Irises and Poppies that need to start blooming yet. So that will mean more pictures posted :)

  3. Nice work Skye! BTW, I've learned something here, down the road is a house that had the loveliest tulips and now has golden poppies and various new flora. I'd walk by almost daily, sure the flowers were fakes. They looked too bright, too good. But I'm learning the timing of blooms thanks to you. The things I've been seeing are definitely real.

  4. Glad to be of service Nina, and thanks for stoping by :)

  5. hey skye:

    looking good!
    my peonies are out right now, my lily of the valley, are done now, they smell wonderful, take over the garden and are in the lawn, but ya know what, I don't care.

    If I get any pics I will share them with you, I filled my pots with dianthus, they smell good and are very cheerful plants, I like cheerful and for the first time ever I have geraniums!
    Yup, don't know why, but I loved the look of them and bought to hanging baskets, and these geraniums cascade I have bright read and a bi-colour they brighten up the front of the house so nicely.

  6. I'm glad my Lily-of-the-Valley won't be taking over my lawn, the patch where I have them planted is completely surrounded. 2 cement walls to the south and east, and sidewalk to the north and west. The only place they can spread is over beneath the deck till it hits the basement walls. Same with the ferns, they'll be spreading that area full as well. Works for me, the more decent plants the better the look and feel of the place :)

  7. So I just stumbled across a comment on an old post from a common reader between our blogs. She sent a message about your inability to drop in at my blog. How sweet :-) I am humbled. Hope you visit again soon. I keep lurking around here... albeit quieter than normal.

  8. No worries about the quiet part Brazen, as for popping by your place, well I do quite frequently, but as I hit on the comment button my computer tends to freeze up. I don't know why, it only does that with your blog and 2 or 3 others. I have a post complaining about it in my other blog actually. Well, I suppose it doesn't help that my computer is of the Window's '98 series.

  9. Beautiful flowers Skye!
    I bit the bullet and purchased about $700 of peach and rasberry trees/bushes this spring.
    I had planted on pear and one peach last year and had peaches that fall!
    Not too many flowers but corn,lettuce, squash(yuk, for my wife and neighbors), a variety of other things. I sure hope the jallapeno peppers come out.
    I might not have a lot of "flower"beauty but having a few fresh things to eat (of course with a six pack of imported beer: aka "beauty"), sure makes up for it.


  10. Hey Kevin J, thanks :)

    Fresh peaches and raspberries, yummy! Not to mention all the other goodies you've got planted. If it weren't for the sentimental value of most of these flowers, I'd get rid of them and plant a veggie garden, at least in the spot up against the house. The rest of the flower beds can stay as is though :) But I can't do that, I love my flowers far too much to want to get rid of any of them.

  11. hey skye, how is it going?

    Just want you to know, I have nagged silv to put some new food up, cook you something delicious and then share it with the rest of us, so hopefully he will.


    I still got to get some pics of my flowers.

  12. Ah Penny, I'm looking forward to it, and thanks :)

    The kid is gone to birthday parties all weekend, so friday night I'm having him make me some steak, crab legs and baked potatoes. I think I'll make some french bread so he can make me some garlic bread to go with it. And of course we'll be having wine with it! I do so enjoy his cooking, I may be the restaurant cook but Silv cooks much better than I ever could!

  13. hey skye!
    just stopping by, checking in, seeing what is new with you..

    you must be a busy gal,summertime,good weather, kids around etc.,

    I will keep checkin' in

  14. Hey Penny! Sorry I haven't been around much, I do most of my blogging on the funny side of my blogs. It's at in case you had never noticed the link on the side bar here. I really should post here more often as well though, and I should actually go and visit blogs more often too! So saying, I will do so shortly, on my chores for today I'll be making homemade granola, noodles, burger patties and something called Roll Kuchen, I can't spell that phonetically It's kind of like a long donut only not sweet and tastes wonderful with watermellon and is going to be for a snack this afternoon :D

    I'll be around to visit you shortly though, just gotta get started on my list of things seeing as I have today off work!


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