Monday, May 18, 2009

Change is the only consistent

To grow, to broaden perspectives, is a process. It is a slow, tedious journey that one must take one step at a time. It entails time, tools, and persistence. It is life itself. It is understanding. The process begins in the guise of curiosity for the unknown and the need to know. To contemplate in our own mind what knowledge our curiosity dredges up out of life and to make decisions within the scope of our own perspectives. With time and patience will come understanding of what we are looking for, what we need for our own heart and mind. We will grow and become more aware of our perspectives and how we can broaden them. To obtain knowledge of life and ourselves is to be able to realize goals in order to prolong and broaden understanding and ultimately broaden our perspectives.

Awareness is the awakening of the need for change, the want for growth. Awareness comes with searching and not settling upon answers as the truth. 

Realization is the first step. To realize a need or want for change is the door that opens up to the nothingness that faces us all, the blank slate, and the white piece of paper.

Decision is the next step. To make the choice to step out into an abyss and to fall. Decisions about truth, perspectives are most times not easy and remember, no one is forced to make them. To find yourself faced with decision is to find yourself faced with change. To realize that change is the only consistent truth is to broaden your perspectives.

Understanding is seeing that truth is change that it exists only within the realms of perspective; that what we become aware of is our perspectives, our limited fields of vision themselves.

Persistence drives us onward through our lives and leads us to learning, accepting the unknown with the purpose of knowing and using that knowledge for the purpose of learning.


  1. hey skye

    more food for thought!

    change is the only consistent, true, thought there are a few things that remain, like your kids, they are always your kids, but all along from birth through toddlers, off to school, to teen years, young adults, etc

    The relationship with them evolves, though they are consistenly your pesky kids, god lov'em!

    Then the spouse, a consistent, but then something changes and things change within the relationship, not for the worse, just change.
    Usually it is for the better.

    Change is like the weather.
    Happening everyday, maybe hot, maybe cold, wet, dry, still or windy.
    But always there!

  2. Amen to that Penny, always an ever changing constant :)

  3. Cheers Skye, hope all going ok where you are and that you are enjoying the spring there. Are you sorting your urban garden out and how is it all going? We have had good spring weather here; plenty of rain and some sun too so everything suddenly becomes huge and green. It seems almost overnight as it happens so fast this time of year. all the best anyhows.

  4. Thanks for popping in John, I've been busy working, and yes, my perennials are popping up and starting to bloom. Thanks to this comment from you, I have now remembered that I was going to do a post with pics of my garden. So saying, I had better get my butt out there to get more pics :)


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