Friday, January 23, 2009

Opposition of Occupation and other ramblings

Why is it, that when one country invades and occupies another, the victims, i.e. the people who live in the occupied country, are called terrorists when they oppose the occupation? 

For myself, I'd appreciate being able to oppose an occupying force without being given such a horrible label. Quite frankly, the way I see it is that the groups doing the invading are indeed the terrorists. That would make Canada, the U.S., Britain, Oz and all the other countries currently in the Middle East enforcing war in fact terrorists. It's a label that suits them well, and one I hate being part of, as I'm a Canuck.

I don't know if you ever watched Star Trek, The Next Generation, but the evil Borg depict these occupying countries quite nicely. These countries that are trying to take control of the oil and everything else out there, have the "Borg" mentality. What I mean is that the Borg, when occupying a spaceship or world, would say, "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." The people in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan will eventually be assimilated into the occupying countries, after all, their homeland is being occupied by people right alongside them.

Let's take Canada for instance. In order for people of other races to get along here in Canada, they have to learn the language. This poses a problem for a lot of people, as Canada is a bilingual country, speaking both English and French. Now most newcomers can get along if they learn English, but what happens if they learn enough English to get by, and then are left to live in the province of Quebec? Quebec is predominantly French, these immigrants would be screwed, because now they'd have to learn yet another language. If they don't learn the language, they won't be able to get much in the way of jobs unless they miraculously are able to find a place to live that is predominantly of their nationality. It's easy for the Chinese, Italians, and East Indian's as most major cities here in Canada have such communities as China Town, Little Italy, or Little India, but not so for those from the Middle East.

I feel for these people who have no place to go, but really folks, should they be forced to go anywhere in the first place? This is their land they're being kicked out of and made refugees from. We are the invaders, we are the terrorists, and we are the ones guilty of war crimes. Perhaps not directly, but by god we are by proxy! Our countries are doing this to them, or at the very least are allowing such atrocities to happen. None of our countries citizens are telling our governments to get out of the Middle East and mean it. If we were, our governments would have to listen and would therefore get out of there, or face the consequences. What are the consequences? Well that's easy, it would mean that they wouldn't be re-voted into office, it could mean a vote of no confidence forcing an election in a non-election year. Trouble is, would the new government voted in be any better? Answer to that, probably not. The Puppet Master’s would ensure that new puppets were groomed and ready to be put in place.

Sure, a new government may get the people out of the war they're involved in, but it sure as hell won't help to put a stop to what the Israelites are doing in Pakistan. We’d still be supporting Israel, because we are its minions. Jews are the Puppet Master’s. Jews own and control the banks, the banks own and control the government. Without the banks, there’s no flow of money, how can the government pay for things (or get paid) without money? They can’t. So they follow the money, and that comes straight from the banks. Oh yes, we the people pay our taxes and believe that’s what pays for the government to exist. But, does it really? When we get our paychecks where does the money go? Into the bank. Where do the taxes go that get taken off our checks? Into the bank. Who moves that money into the government coffers? The bank. Who owns the bank? The Jews. Therefore, for whom do we really work? The Jews! Make no mistake, the bank, ergo the Jews, get their cut for every transaction made. The Jews get our money to support their terrorization any and every conceivable way that they can, regardless of what you want. There is no getting around it, short of disappearing off the grid.  

I believe Nobody knows what that’s all about!

The only other option is revolt. Start another Civil War. That’ll put paid to some problems, start other problems, and in the end, the Jews will still own the banks. So saying, it’s no solution at all. 

We are sheeple, no matter what we do, no matter how we may try to fight back, eventually we will once again be led by our noses to the slaughter house.

So why is it that we call those who are defending themselves and their homes terrorists? Well in my opinion, it’s because we’re just too damned blind to see what’s right in front of our faces. And that is the plain and simple fact that we are only following orders. Orders given to us by our governments, which are in turn given to them by the Puppet Master’s. Oh, we may not see it as orders, we’re just following what the media portrays, but the media portrays that which it’s allowed to portray, rarely portraying the truth.

What a bloody copout!


  1. Hey Skye,

    Just stopped over to say Hello and thank you for your visit!

    Since you stated that
    (civil) war is no solution at all,
    that you maintain a pacifist position, am I right?
    Excellent, although I do not know if I could live up to those high standards if they came for my kids.

  2. Kevin John, let me say you're welcome, and thanks for returning the favor!

    No, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I don't hold a pacifist position. Basically, I'm being a pessimist, saying that I can't fathom any solution to the problem. Anything I can possibly think of, I immediately think of reasons why it won't work.

    Case in point if anyone came for me and/or my kids, well, there wouldn't be much left of that person. There's no way I'd be able to stand by and let anything happen to them or us. I'm too much of a bitch for

  3. Hmm... interesting conversation. It's been running to and fro in my head and I've decided to sell out and join the government in declaring the rightness of war. I'll whack it on my front page tomorrow.

  4. I'll be heading over there to check it out shortly Nobody!

  5. Hi Skye,
    Thanks for visiting my page. I figured I'd say hi when someone visited me through your page. :)
    You said "a stop to what the Israelites are doing in Pakistan." You meant Palestine I think. LOL It's the Americans terrorizing Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    I do agree though. War is not the answer although like Kevin John said I'm not sure I'd stand up to that if someone came to hurt me or my family.

    I feel diplomacy should be completely exhausted before such a move. Now what Israel has done is MADE another generation that hates them for murdering their families. They already had generations doing that from 60+ years of oppressing them.

  6. You're so right Dee, I hate when I put the wrong word somewhere! I've been interchanging words so much lately. Usually though when I write a post or something, I notice what I did when I edit it, so I fix it and then add the post. Guess I missed this one!

    Thanks for pointing it out to me, I appreciate it! Thanks also for stopping by for a visit!

  7. Hi Skye,

    don't worry about the wrong word, as it's more than likely Israel is involved in Pakistan as well - where isn't her minions involved? Really? Recall the close ties between India and Israel... I know - it's all crazy and convaluded (sp?)

    Nice little blog ya have here though - may I add it to my blogroll?


  8. Yes Buffy, you certainly can add this to your blogroll. Thanks for inviting me there!

    Thank you also for your acceptance of my As for typing mistakes, well, that's another story, I believe we are all capable of reading typonese, so I don't worry overly much on that


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