Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What We Have Heya, Is A Failya To Communicate!

Technically I should be putting this in my Weekly Injection Of Chuckles blog, but I thought, hey, I've already done my joke for this week there, and I really want to put this post in before I forget again.  Besides, this one's a true story and Chuckles is jokes :D  

There's my excuse, that'll work, sure, and I even got a plug in for my new blog.  Yep, works for me! *said with a wink in an aside not meant for human ears*

Anywho's-it, I have an older sister that is permanently fried on pot.  Yep, she smokes as many joints a day as she does cigarettes, and she smokes upwards of 2 packs a day of those.  Oops, I digress, sorry!

Last summer sitting in her living room, she was telling me about her dealer and how it will be a while before she can get anything from him again.  Silly me, I asked her why.  She comes up with this cock-a-mamey story about him being evicted from his home and until he sets up shop somewhere else, she had to find someone else to supply her with her pot.  Of course I didn't believe her, of course I thought this was just another one of her drug-rattled-brain-bs-stories.  That is until I read about it in the paper the very next day!

Holy Shit, I said to Silv when reading the paper.  She wasn't just too stoned to misunderstand the situation with her dealer!  You've got to read this, the title is "Cops Foiled".  Silv say's "What the f*&^ are you talking about?"

So I start to read to him, "Over the past 6 months the ___ police service had ____ under servaillance, they were hoping for a large drug bust this time.  But due to some miscommunication and a landlord that was sick of the goings on of the home, the man in question was evicted by the sheriffs department before the drug bust could go down.

"The landlord, when interviewed, said that 'The neighbors were complaining about all the people coming and going from the home at all hours of the night, so I gave him an eviction notice which he didn't comply to.  Therefore I had to send a copy of the notice to the sheriffs department and have the forcibly remove him.'

"When questioning the sheriff who enforced the eviction, he said that the police service hadn't informed them about the sting operation and so he had no idea that they were getting ready to arrest the man.

"As it so happened, the sheriff evicted the man the day before the bust.  When the cops showed up and bust in the door to arrest the man in question, they found the home empty, and were at a complete loss as to what went wrong."

Of course that guy left town and moved his opperation elsewhere.  Really, he's not so dumb as to stay in the same small town as where he narrowly avoided getting busted!   I don't rightly know how, but I'm guessing that when he got the initial eviction notice he had started moving his stuff out.  After all, once evicted by the sheriffs, it's not like you can go back and get your stuff.  Not only that, but had he still had all his hydroponic equipment and plants in there, I'm sure the sheriff would have done more than just make him get his sorry ass out of the house.  Irregardless of how it went down, the guy got all his stuff out of the place with neither the sheriff nor the local cops any the wiser.  Now if that guy doesn't have a horseshoe up his butt, I don't know who has.  Talk about lucky!


  1. Yeah Yeah, brain-fried, blah blah blah. Stoned or no I can still do the Times crossword in an hour. It was only a couple of weeks ago I took great delight in correcting a friend of mine who had foolishly declared, 'You're so stoned I'd thrash you at scrabble!'.

    But otherwise, yes! Drug suppliers are dreadful people. Whenever I find someone who's supplied drugs I call the police straight away. Even if they've sold them to me!

  2. Reporting drug dealers who supply you is kinda like cutting off your nose to spite your face, isn't it, Nobody?

    Personally, I've never been good at crossword puzzles, so even as sober as I am, I couldn't do one in an hour...lol. I much prefer sudoku's, jigoku's and jigsaw puzzles, preferably the 3D kind to word puzzles. Although I do enjoy games such as text twist and scrabble as well.

    Anywho's-it, I've gotten quite off topic here. Quite frankly, if a dealer is only dealing in pot, I say leave the bugger alone. Pot isn't exactly a harmful drug and I certainly belive that it has it's uses. The dealer in this story only dealt in pot, he had a small grow-op, and I hope he succeeded in setting up somewhere else.

  3. Mary, I do believe that the lesson here that the cops need to learn is; always keep the sheriffs informed in regards to surveillance manouvers!

    But really, how do you keep a watch on a home and not see the people inside of it move out? How do you not see a sheriff come to the door and enforce an eviction? Obviously the surveillance the town cops here have isn't exactly surveillance, or they'd have done the bust as the guy was getting his stuff out.

    These guys really need to get their heads up out of their collective ass, and figure things out.

    Personally I find the whole situation incredibly funny though. The local police force is really just that stupid. They run around like chickens with their heads cut off, wearing their flak jackets, and not knowing what they're doing. I do believe I'll write another post on the insanity of the local police :D

  4. Holy crap Nobody, The times Crossword in an hour! Again holy Crap. I started one back in 1982 and I still haven't finished it. Ok so I lost the paper but still. Holy Crap, I'm Soooo Impressed.

  5. LOL Silv, somehow that doesn't surprise me! I do have a queery though, have you ever started another crossword and finished it?

  6. In a word, and it was the only word across or down YES. Harr Dee Har har

  7. He's still searching for the old one. Otherwise there were a few too many 'o's in Silv's flattery I'm thinking. I hope no one's going to take the piss out of the Times crossword are they? I don't take too many things seriously but if anyone bags out the Times, there's a proper fight on. Grrrr.

    Anyway, she started it sir!

  8. Silv, somehow that makes sense!

    1)Do you like beer? (3 letters)

    1)Do you like Scotch? (3 letters)


    Yep, I can see how you could finish a crossword like that :D

  9. Yes Nobody, there are a few too many o's in his flattery. That's probably why he couldn't finish the crossword in the first place, kept putting extra vowels in to make words fit...lol.

    As for trashing the Times crosswords, I don't believe anyone would do that! It takes some doing to be able to finish one of those. That's my opinion anyway, they aren't exactly easy afterall!


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