Saturday, March 21, 2009

Take What Is Your Life and ask the simple question, Why!?!

Passion for living, learning, passion in itself, a necessity of life, for without passion what are we, but processes and algorithms that procure nothing, think nothing, create nothing, and feel nothing. Life is a product of evolution, but passion is a product of life, poured through emotion, and tempered with time.

We all must be passionate. Even if we fight it, seclude ourselves from it, hide away, and run from its tendrils and vices. Life without passion is sterile and clean of all the dirt that colors our endeavors, and dreams.

Shaping life to our own wishes, to our idea for what we think it should be, is patient work. It is filled with "should haves", alternative plans, and false goals in unrealistic time frames. It seems a waiting game filled with doubtful moves and guilt for not doing enough. It forces you to choose what is important, to pick priorities, and to analyze validity of choices at every move, never satisfied. Always trying to forget that you have made life a game in which you strive for control.

So, you do what you love wondering if you love what you do. Either you must catch up with life, or live with the knowledge that you never will.


  1. Thought provoking, I'm a sucker when it comes to being passive, rather than passionate, I need to do better.

  2. hey- i like your deep thoughts and poetry.

    I'm a closet poetry lover/writer myself. kindred souls I feel we are skye.

  3. No worries Mo.Stone, pobody's nerfect, as the saying goes :) Quite frankly, I think there is room for everyone to do better :)

    Thank you Blunt, I think perhaps we could be! :)

  4. Hey Skye,

    That photo continues to do my head in. As my eye flips from the proffered heart to the girl's face, they seem to move, or shimmer, or something. It's very odd.

    Do you know what I mean? Or perhaps it's just me, ha ha.

  5. well I like to think I am passionate in my life, especially about learning.

    Life is for learning, or what is the point?

    YOu can't be a sponge and have people pouring slimey water into you, you gotta pick your own knowledge and soak it up at your own rate.

    OH and my family, I am passionate about them. I love them to pieces.
    Sounds horrible but it's not.
    I love them alot :)

    and that is good

  6. You know, Nobody, I hadn't noticed it till you mentioned it. I looked at it for a little while, and I can see the heart shimmer, thanks for pointing it out!

    Penny, you know, it took me a long time to realize that I have to think for myself. I was raised to be a non-thinker, with the "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen", type attitude. It took meeting Silver to realize why I was so unhappy with family and life. I must say, life is so much more enjoyable thinking, learning and having passion about something!

    My passion, restaurant cooking, of all things :)

  7. hey skye: are you about? I have been checking in here.

    ah, you'll be back when you have the time.

  8. Sorry Penny, between starting a new job and my internet router dying on me, I haven't been on line all that much. BUT I am online for the moment, so I'll be doing my damndest to get caught up!



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