Monday, February 2, 2009

A little bit of past history

I'm posting this from an old blog of mine, so keep in mind that this is 2.5 years old.  I think I'll be doing this as a series, as that's how it makes most sense, even if it's not necessarily in chronological order:

Well to be honest, my daughter used to be the world’s biggest brat! She has broken a couple of beds (consequently slept without one for a while), and has pulled knives on me wishing I was dead. I took her to a child psychologist, who of course prescribed heavy-duty medication, Siroquel to be precise.

Thanks to the new man in my life, these problems are going away. She is no longer on those meds, and nor does she throw temper tantrums or break things. She hasn't had a nightmare in god knows how long either. Knives are now only used for helping with meals (exactly what they're meant for). So suffice it to say that doc's don't know as much as they pretend to. Sometimes it's like Silver says, if you don't discipline properly, you've got war in your home with the child being the general and the parent being the private. 

Thanks to Silver, I am now the general and my daughter is the private with no say in what happens. She may still gripe and complain as all children do, but she now does as she's told without fighting about it. She also even respects me now, and the only time I really have a problem with her is when she comes home from her fathers’ house after being there for a weekend with him.

I just wish that my parents knew how to raise children. As long as they are alive I'll always be their daughter. The trouble is that they don't like me. Never really have I don't think. 

I suppose this is a word of advice to parents’ everywhere. Please don't put your children down. My mother has called me the devil's spawn for as long as I can remember, and now she doesn't understand why I don't want her to come over, nor can she understand why I don't go there, (even for gatherings). She had even told me how, when I was about 12 or 13, she tried to abort me just 2.5 weeks before I was due to be born. It has left a lot of psychological scars that will never heal, because she doesn't acknowledge that any of this happened, let alone apologize for it.

I'm not looking for help here, I have all the help I need in Silver. He is teaching me to deal with my problems as well as how to deal with my daughter.


  1. And there we were talking about culture! Think of current American TV fare. All of it posits teenagers as the coolest things on the planet. The only culture is teenage culture. And since teenagers understand it very well, they're obviously smarter than their parents. Sure enough, the only way parents can appear cool is to emulate their teenage kids.

    This is madness. It was only a blink of an eye ago that there was no such thing as teen culture. In fact right now there are whole countries where the concept is viewed as bizarre. If you go to those countries you can see the kids sitting around talking to their folks and grandfolks in perfect equanimity.

    The media's catering to ever narrower tastes is a sure recipe for the destruction of those things that used to unite us. My opinion is that that's the whole idea. Women can't talk to men, kids can't talk to adults, neighbours can't talk to each other.

    Enough of the rant. Ciao matey.

    Oh. My word is 'toper'. Perhaps it was meant for Silv, ha ha.

    (toper - n. One who drinks.)

  2. Well Nobody, in a word, Exactly!

    As for your word "toper", yep, that's for Silv all right *big cheesy grin*


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