Thursday, April 9, 2009

Think about it!

Open your mind to the world and you open up a whole new world with every turn. The world seems big, beyond our control, wild and dangerous, and quite honestly: it is. That is the nature of the world as it is. To say otherwise is only wishful thinking. Nevertheless, to lock ourselves in a house, burying our heads in the sand is not living in the world, in fact, it is not living at all. Life is chance. To live, chances must be taken. Take chance seriously: but take it. We can lie to ourselves about the world, we can pretend that it is merely a stepping stone to a better place but these feats of faith are only that: feats of faith. The mind that accepts the world through action accepts life as it happens. Such a mind is in the position to change the world around it. Change is the power behind awareness.

There is a human dilemma. That dilemma is the fact that fear often is the driving force in life and not awareness. We, as human beings, have the chance to face change eye to eye. Many times even though the opportunity presents itself, it is not always taken. There are those who choose to turn a blind eye and define the world as they would want it to be instead of what they are aware of. Truth becomes a subjective definition, their definition, or an accepted one, either being as absurd as the other. Those minds which choose to see the world as they would want it instead of how it is are a hindrance to those seeking the truth as it is portrayed, moment by moment through awareness. The truth as it unfolds in the mind. Wishful thinking too many times turns to obstinate faith, which is nothing but a highway to hellish dogma. 

It is the right of any individual to believe as they see fit. It is not the right of those individuals to force their particular brand of faith on the world just to cement their claims to truth. If their mind is to be rendered useless by fear or wishful thinking then let that mind die in peace and solitude without dragging the rest of humanity down with it. It is only a hindrance to those around it and a detriment to everyone.


  1. I agree. The end was harsh. But was it any harsher than what I wrote the other day? Probably not.

    As for 'feats of faith' - I reject them. I'm more of a 'feats of clay' kind of guy. Ha!

    Hmm... put Silv and his rocking chair, and me with my feats of clay, in the same room and long-tailed cats look out!

  2. I don't know which one would be considered harsher Nobody, they're both a little on the harsh side :)

    Look out is right! ;)

  3. Like your breastfeeding post!

  4. Thanks Hit 40, and welcome to my blogging home! :)

  5. quite an interesting piece.
    Presenting interesting ways of thinking about thinking of things???
    does that make sense?

    Though I have got a wicked headache going at this time,and need an ibuprofen.
    That is one of the benefits of having a concussion, f'n headaches !

    grumble, grumble

    I have read it a couple of times, and I will probably read it a couple of more.

  6. That makes perfect sense Penny, and thank you :)


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