Saturday, March 21, 2009

Take What Is Your Life and ask the simple question, Why!?!

Passion for living, learning, passion in itself, a necessity of life, for without passion what are we, but processes and algorithms that procure nothing, think nothing, create nothing, and feel nothing. Life is a product of evolution, but passion is a product of life, poured through emotion, and tempered with time.

We all must be passionate. Even if we fight it, seclude ourselves from it, hide away, and run from its tendrils and vices. Life without passion is sterile and clean of all the dirt that colors our endeavors, and dreams.

Shaping life to our own wishes, to our idea for what we think it should be, is patient work. It is filled with "should haves", alternative plans, and false goals in unrealistic time frames. It seems a waiting game filled with doubtful moves and guilt for not doing enough. It forces you to choose what is important, to pick priorities, and to analyze validity of choices at every move, never satisfied. Always trying to forget that you have made life a game in which you strive for control.

So, you do what you love wondering if you love what you do. Either you must catch up with life, or live with the knowledge that you never will.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Satan's Hoof Prints

This is my take on the article I found at Jeff Rense about a woman in Devon England who found hoof prints in her back garden. Now anyone in Canada and probably the United States as well, hell probably over most of Europe, can see that the prints in this picture are most likely from deer, what kind of deer would be up for debate, but deer non-the-less. BUT in England, they have scientists saying that they can't be explained! They are, in fact, trying to find out if they were caused by a hare or rabbit hopping on it's hind legs. *insert eye roll here*

Now, I realize that there isn't much snow in Devon, but really, doesn't everyone know that England has deer? Couldn't anybody figure that out? Like really, in 1855 when the "phenomenon" was originally seen, villagers blamed the prints on Satan and the local church for having changed the prayer book. Apparently when you change your style of praying you're inviting Satan to come around for a visit. Yeah right *snigger, snigger, snort*

Have people not actually seen any deer in Devon, ever? Or do deer only show up there every 150 years or so, that their tracks are so unrecognizable? To play devil's advocate here (pardon the sad pun), but if these tracks were indeed made by Satan, are the people there so incredibly holy that there is only a small window of time that Satan can come around and visit them? And if he had come around, where are all the evil things he must have done? After all, Satan is evil, right, so what happenings will be attributed to his appearance? Not a one, according to this article, but I suppose time will tell what people will blame on the appearance of these prints.

Being superstitious has got to be, at the very least, part of the problem with not being able to identify these prints. I find it very interesting that this article was posted on Friday the 13th, 2 days before the Ides Of March (today :D ) and 4 days in total before St. Patrick’s Day. Talk about a superstition festival! What kind of Supernatural Phenomenon will be happening in your neck-of-the-woods this week? If anything does, please tell all!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama Gives Movies to British Prime Minister!!!

Ok, I hadn't known about this, and probably still wouldn't if I hadn't read a snippet of it in Nikkicrumpet's blog!  But OMG, how can anyone be so gauche?  Pardon the insult to those coming from Alabama, but really, did they find this Obamarama Dingdong in the backwoods there or something?  

Instead of doing a copy-&-paste thing, I'll just put in a link to the actual news article.  An aricle that for obvious reasons won't be printed nor put on the air in North America.  I truly do hope you go and read this!

To my special friend Gordon.

It's no wonder that Nikki said she's has never been so ashamed to be an American!  Over all, the post Nikki had written was incredibly funny, I just found that one snippet of her "I wish..." to be a sad example of the way that Obama is planning on changing America.  It is as plain as the nose on your face America, that it won't be for the good!

Please forgive me if you've been reading about this in too many other blogs, but like I said, I just read a small bit about it, so I  checked into it, and had to spread the word!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wouldn't you just love to know...

...that if you were to call the fire department, that they'd be able to find your home quickly and without any problems?  I sure would, trouble is, I know that's just not feasible here!

I live in a small town of about 6500 people, with the town itself measuring out to approximately 1.5 square miles. You would think it would be rather difficult to get lost here, what with numbered streets running north and south and named streets going east and west, granted there are a few exceptions to the named streets, with a couple of them running north and south as well.  

Our firedepartment consists of a paid chief who also has a real full time job and roughly 35 volunteers, also all having real jobs outside of being on call 24/7.  Irregardless of the fact that they all work outside of the firedepartment, you would think that the chief at the very least would need to know what streets were where and how to get to the different appartments, homes, row-houses, etc.  Well, he doesn't!  I doubt he's ever studied a map of this town!

Imagine my surprise just a few short months ago.  Silv was here and we were both goofing around on our computers and trying to decide what we wanted to do for supper,  Munchkin (my kid) was at the kitchen table working on some homework.  The dogs started going nuts and I heard someone on the front deck.  Sure enough, when I got up to look, I saw the firechief and one of his croonies on my deck and the first response truck in the parking lot.  I opened the door and asked if I could help them.  The first thing the chief said to me was, "Did you know your doorbell's not working?"  I replied in my typical smartass fashion, "Yeah," says I, "That would be why I have this sign on my door saying 'Doorbell disconnected, Please knock'.".

"Oh," says he, "Well, I was wondering if this is #7-***  ****** Avenue" say's he. "No, it's #7-*** ****** Lane" I reply.

"So, you don't have a fire here?"

"Not that I'm aware of, why?"

"We got a call saying there's a fire at this address"

"Well, it wouldn't be this address if you're looking for #7-*** ****** Ave now would it?"

"No, I suppose it wouldn't be.  You wouldn't happen to know where that address is, would you?"

Ok, the firechief is asking me directions for a street that runs north and south, not named even remotely similiar to the street that I live on which runs east and west.  I looked at him totally confused, like really, I'm supposed to know which apartment building is which?  Isn't that his job?  So I pointed out to him that there are 2 apartment buildings north either of which he could be looking for, or perhaps it's any one of the 3 south of where we were, but seeing as I didn't know anybody living in any one of those apartment complexes, I really couldn't help him much.  I asked him if he knew if he were looking for apartments or row-housing, because that would narrow down his search somewhat.  He said a second floor apartment.  I'm wondering at this point just why exactly he thought that my row-house which has a basement, mainfloor and upstairs would be a second floor apartment.

By now, you can just imagine how confused I am, first off, I get confused easily by people who are not exactly smart. Secondly, I get confused by the fact that government officials would hire such stupid people to keep the community safe. *Insert forhead slap here* DOH! Obviously what I was thinking was an oxy moron!  Government officials are stupid themselves, they wouldn't recognize the stupidity of others, how dumb can I be sometimes!?!

With my confusion somewhat cleared up, I sent the chief on his way.  What else could I do?  I didn't know where the place was that he was looking for, sheesh.  As he turns to walk away, I hear a call come in on his radio. "Chief, where are ya at?  We're at the apartment, nothing serious, just a burnt supper in the oven!"

I closed my door and started to laugh. I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.  Silv of course asked what that was all about, seeing as he was inside the whole time, while I had carried out this conversation out on my deck.

Wiping tears from my eyes I looked over at Silv, and said "Pray you never have to call the firedepartment!  If they can't find an apartment here in town, there's no way they'll ever be able to find your place out in the country!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More on the Stupidty of the Local Cops

I don't get pulled over or have too many run-in's with the cops, but last summer, I did indeed have a little fun with a couple of them!

It was the end of summer holidays, the last weekend of August.  The town was putting on it's summer festival and things were rather nuts.  At the time I was the breakfast cook for a hotel restaurant, so because of all the extra people and festivities, I had to start work 1.5 hours earlier in the day than normal.

Here I am, groggily on my way to work at 4:15 in the blessed a.m. when I see a cruiser car start to follow me half a block from my home.  About 5 blocks later another cruiser joins the first one.  That's when he flashes his lights and gives his noise maker a short go.  What do I do?  Well the responsible thing of course, I pulled over!  Cop from cruiser #1 comes over and asks for my driver's and registration, which I hand over ever so politely.  He then asks me "So, what are you doing on the road this fine evening?"  I look over to him with a rather dazed expression, I'm sure.  Fine evening?  It's morning, geez!  So I say's to this brilliant fine upstanding young man "It's morning, not evening and I'm on my way to work."

"Yes, well, I'm just finishing my shift, so to me it's still evening, or if you will, night.  It won't be morning for me for several hours yet."  he say's to me.  Yeah, I can understand that, sort of.  Doesn't mean you have to show your stupidity by refusing to acknowledge the time of day!  Continuing, he say's to me, "Well, there is no business open at this time of day, so where are you going?"

Like, really, how dumb can ya get?  "I'm on my way to work, just like I told you, I work in the hotel right across the street.  I was in the process of parking when you pulled me over!" I lower my gaze just enough so I can roll my eyes without him noticing.  

Cop from cruiser #2 comes over. "Got a problem here?" Cop #1 says "She's not being overly cooperative answering my questions, but not much of a problem." Really people, I did answer his questions, and I still don't know why I had been pulled over!

Cop #1 tells Cop #2 all that had been discussed up to that point.  When he's done, I politely interupt saying "Excuse me, but I will be late for work if we don't finish up here soon, can you at least tell me why you pulled me over?"  #1 says  " First I would like to know how you expect to get into a locked hotel" Where's a video camera when you need one?  This should be on Candid Camera or something! "Well officer," says I, "I suppose I would have to use my keys for the building." No reply, no comment, nada, zip, zilch for that comeback of mine.

"Well, do you realize that before I flashed my lights at you, you were going a little less than 40 in a 50 zone?"  Oh geez, I was slowing down to park, no I hadn't realized!  (That's what I should have said, but in fact I said) "Yes, sir, like I told you, I was about to park when you pulled me over.  I was slowing down so that I could!" "Don't get wise with him Miss" Say's #2, that was being wise, and my previous comment wasn't?  Now I rolled my eyes for them to see it, but both missed it, go figure!

#1 was a little pink at this point, "You also failed to use your blinker at your last turn, I do believe that it's not working." "Well officer, being the weekend, there are no repair shops open.  I'll get it looked at as soon as I'm able on Monday, will that be ok?" "That will be fine, consider this a warning though, and I'll check to see that it's been done!"  

"Are you done with me then?  I can get in to work now, right?" "Yes miss," says #1 "That'll be fine." "One more thing first though officer, do you think I could have my drivers and registration back please? I'd hate to be pulled over on my way home and not be able to supply those!" "Oh, yes, yes, I forgot, here!"

With my possessions returned to me, I walk to the hotel, and unlock the door.  As I was walking in, #2 started saying something, but it was lost in my re-locking of the door once I was inside.  I saw him coming towards the hotel, but I ignored him and went to the restaurant door and unlocked it, went in and relocked it.    I heard him bang on the hotel door to get my attention, but I figured that I'd had enough of these clowns and I had been delayed long enough.  I did have work to do after all, so instead of going back outside, I turned on the griddles, got out the bacon, sausages and hashbrowns that needed preping, got out the ingredients I needed to make pancakes and set to work.  I never did get my taillights checked, nor did I ever hear from either of those cops again.


I failed to mention that although #1 had taken my drivers and registration, he hadn't written down a thing.  Not a bit of the information he needed in order to check up on me had been written down, that's probably why #2 had followed me to the hotel and had been trying to get my attention!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What We Have Heya, Is A Failya To Communicate!

Technically I should be putting this in my Weekly Injection Of Chuckles blog, but I thought, hey, I've already done my joke for this week there, and I really want to put this post in before I forget again.  Besides, this one's a true story and Chuckles is jokes :D  

There's my excuse, that'll work, sure, and I even got a plug in for my new blog.  Yep, works for me! *said with a wink in an aside not meant for human ears*

Anywho's-it, I have an older sister that is permanently fried on pot.  Yep, she smokes as many joints a day as she does cigarettes, and she smokes upwards of 2 packs a day of those.  Oops, I digress, sorry!

Last summer sitting in her living room, she was telling me about her dealer and how it will be a while before she can get anything from him again.  Silly me, I asked her why.  She comes up with this cock-a-mamey story about him being evicted from his home and until he sets up shop somewhere else, she had to find someone else to supply her with her pot.  Of course I didn't believe her, of course I thought this was just another one of her drug-rattled-brain-bs-stories.  That is until I read about it in the paper the very next day!

Holy Shit, I said to Silv when reading the paper.  She wasn't just too stoned to misunderstand the situation with her dealer!  You've got to read this, the title is "Cops Foiled".  Silv say's "What the f*&^ are you talking about?"

So I start to read to him, "Over the past 6 months the ___ police service had ____ under servaillance, they were hoping for a large drug bust this time.  But due to some miscommunication and a landlord that was sick of the goings on of the home, the man in question was evicted by the sheriffs department before the drug bust could go down.

"The landlord, when interviewed, said that 'The neighbors were complaining about all the people coming and going from the home at all hours of the night, so I gave him an eviction notice which he didn't comply to.  Therefore I had to send a copy of the notice to the sheriffs department and have the forcibly remove him.'

"When questioning the sheriff who enforced the eviction, he said that the police service hadn't informed them about the sting operation and so he had no idea that they were getting ready to arrest the man.

"As it so happened, the sheriff evicted the man the day before the bust.  When the cops showed up and bust in the door to arrest the man in question, they found the home empty, and were at a complete loss as to what went wrong."

Of course that guy left town and moved his opperation elsewhere.  Really, he's not so dumb as to stay in the same small town as where he narrowly avoided getting busted!   I don't rightly know how, but I'm guessing that when he got the initial eviction notice he had started moving his stuff out.  After all, once evicted by the sheriffs, it's not like you can go back and get your stuff.  Not only that, but had he still had all his hydroponic equipment and plants in there, I'm sure the sheriff would have done more than just make him get his sorry ass out of the house.  Irregardless of how it went down, the guy got all his stuff out of the place with neither the sheriff nor the local cops any the wiser.  Now if that guy doesn't have a horseshoe up his butt, I don't know who has.  Talk about lucky!